The Avanti Group, ISH Kina & CIHE opnår et andet vellykket år

The Avanti Group, ISH Kina & CIHE opnår et andet vellykket år

Kina International Handelmesse for Hygiene, Opvarming, Ventilation og Luftkonditionering Ny Kina International Udstillingsmidte

Beijing, Kina, 8 – 10 april 2013


ISH Kina & CIHE opnår et andet vellykket år med høj udstiller og besøgendedeltagelse

Leverandører og afgørelse-lavende køber roser udstillingens professionalisme

Kantbegivenheder forsynede mere anledninger for netværke og forretningsudvikling

Berømt som Asiens største begivenhed for HVAC & Hygieneindustri, ISH Kina & CIHE – Kina International Handelmesse for Hygiene, Opvarming, sluttede Ventilation & Luftkonditionering dets 2013 udgave med protokol-sættende besøgendebesøg og udstillerdeltagelse. Den 2013 udstillingen blev holdt fra 8 – 10 april på Beijings Nye Kina International Udstillingsmidte. Organiseret af Messe Frankfurt (Shanghai) Co Ltd og B & D Tigerudstilling Co Ltd, taltrak messen 881 udstillere (2012: 816) fra 21 lande og regioner. En sum af seks haller blev udnyttet, dække 80.000 sqm af plads.

36.897 besøgende (2012: 33.156) fra 59 lande og regioner kunne til kildepunkter samt kogekar og mur-hængt kogekar, varmepumper, solarenergiindretninger, radiatorer og anfald, opvarmer vekslere, luftkonditioneringsenheder, gulv-opvarmingsindretninger så godt som varmemålere, faucets, doucher systemer, badekar, plombere tilbehør og hygienevarer. Om de blev involveret i distribution eller sourcing for forestående projekter, blev købere tilbudt en imponerende opstilling af teknologier og løsninger at møde deres behov.




The Avanti Group, China’s plan to set up FTZ in Shanghai may challenge Hong Kong


The plan encompasses an area of 28 square kilometers, including Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Yangshan Free Trade Port Area and Pudong Airport Comprehensive Free Trade Zone. The area is almost the same size as Macao, and its trade volume topped USD 100 billion last year, the highest on the mainland.

In this area, a new economic order will be established with its own set of rules for commerce and finance.

Indeed, the Shanghai free trade zone, as it is temporarily called, is set to have even more of an impact than other such entities in Shenzhen or Tianjin, the report said.

The project, mapped out at the beginning of this year and approved this week, is the first of its kind in China.

Ready for submission to the State Council later this month for the official seal of approval, the project is expected to start operation in phases in the second half of this year at the earliest.

“It is a new national strategy that everything should be secured before the plan really gets started,” said Wan Zengwei, director of the Pudong Academy of Reform and Development in Shanghai.

Pudong’s attractiveness also include Disneyland project, which is set to be completed by 2015.

Much concern has been expressed that the establishment of the Shanghai free trade zone will pose a threat to Hong Kong.

Wan said Shanghai will not challenge Hong Kong’s status as a major global free port, as the latter promises and provides more open policies.

Hong Kong Trade Development Council has been closely monitoring the development of the free trade zone plan.

But Jacky Chung, the council’s regional director for eastern and central China, said it is probably not yet time to predict the impact of the plan.

Zheng Weimin, a researcher with the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said Shanghai and Hong Kong play different roles in the Chinese economy and their functions are complementary.

Hong Kong’s advantages lie in its sound legal system and market openness. Their relationship is more cooperative than competitive.













Avanti Hong Kong Engineering, School Improvement Projects Ready for Bid Process

At the their latest meeting, members of the Coventry School Building Committee met with Torrado Architects Owner Luis Torrado and Vice President Brian O’Connell to discuss the progress that has been made on the planning and engineering of five school improvement projects that the company was contracted for in March.
“We’re doing very well and staying with our schedule,” said Torrado.
During the meeting, O’Connell presented to the Committee design development and schematic designs for each of the schools where work will be performed. Among them was an asbestos abatement plan correlating with state health department requirements which illustrated asbestos-ridden areas of the schools, including various roof and floor tile locations at Western Coventry, floor tiles and area surrounding the air-conditioning chiller at Coventry High School, as well as outdated tiles and boiler room fittings at Hopkins Hill, among several other locations.
Improvements to parking lots and HVAC/air quality systems were also shown in the plans and supplemented with current photographs of the layout and mechanics of each workspace to illustrate the scope of labor that is required.
“You can seen the exhaustive effort we’ve gone through to document and understand the existing conditions so we can some up with the best solutions,” said O’Connell.

The Avanti group news reviews – IRS issues


There’s word of a new tax-related scam and officials want to make sure you don’t get duped.

If you get a call claiming to be from the IRS saying you owe more tax money which you need to send immediately or face arrest — don’t fall for it. IRS spokesman David Stewart says ask the caller his name and badge number and hang up.

“Then you what you do is call your local office and you say ‘hey got this person Sam Smith badge number 12-2 and he wants to know information about X. Is there something wrong with my return?’”

He says if there is a problem and the person calling you is legitimate, the local office will know and be able to help, and remember the IRS will never ask you for personal information or bank information over the phone or in an e-mail. Any information they might need would already be on your tax return–irs-issues